What are the causes of failure of the trucks?

failure of the trucksSometimes the parts fail, and because of the factory marriage, but often breakdown of the trucks happen because of the owners of trucks fleet, because in order to save to maintenance isn’t conducted in time, with the same economy we use cheaper fuel, oil with incomprehensible impurities, bought not original spare parts. Moreover, in order to make more profit, the owners of trucks overloaded vehicles by goods, tucking it above the norm, what not only harms the car, but also can cause an accident on the road, because the overloaded vehicles may enter at any moment. It is therefore important, after each trip to inspect the car and to carry out technical inspections in time.

First, better to spend a full diagnosis, which will reveal all the problems, inaccuracies in the work, and will remove and repair the damage.

After the diagnosis to repair plan is developed and the approximate cost of eliminating failures is announced. After the car will be repaired, you should always send it to maintenance, and only then release the next trip.