Why do we need the wheels?

Why do we need the wheels?

Car wheels play an important role in the entire machine design. They provide the link of the car and the road surface, are responsible for traffic in general.


These components determine the dynamics of the entire vehicle. Due to lightweight materials from which wheels are produced, weight of the car is significantly reduced, what reduces the impact load on the body and increases the smoothness of movement.

The correct choice of drives affects on the fuel consumption. The less their weight is, the less fuel a car consumes.

If we talk about the merits of the heavier models, made of steel, then you can note their high strength. These discs not only soft the blows in a collision, but also serve as a kind of protection for the suspension.
Making of discs determines the overall look of the car, making it more elegant and giving power, as in the case of chrome and steel products. Lovers of sports cars will appreciate the light alloy wheels, that will add the car ease and emphasize agility. For luxury models it will suit expensive and high-quality forged aluminum wheels, which put emphasis on the status of the car and its owner.

Control the level of the oil in the engine

Control the level of the oil in the engine.

Oil system is aimed to reduce friction between rubbing parts of engine.
Besides this function oil system guarantee chilling of engine spares, remove products of fouling and wear-out, protect engine spares from corrosion.

Control the level of the oil

There are cases when level of oil in case is lower than normal. We can check it with the help of the prob not earlier than 5-7 minutes after engine stopped. Normal level is the level o the oil if the trace from it on prob if between marks min and max.

If checking showed that low level of oil, add oil into case to demanded level and before find and correct possible leak of connections in engine oil system. Outside visual inspections can make sure if we have oil leak.
Increased oil pressure isn’t better than reduced one: the problem may be in viscosity of used oil, you should check its viscosity and quality and if it is necessary, change the oil. Simple case – increased pressure of oil, when you use summer oil in winter during low temperature.