How to prolong the service life of the car battery?

It is considered that the modern car battery can serve 4-5 years, almost without special care. But in fact, this term can be significantly reduced or prolonged, according to the conditions of car operation. Of course, every car owner wants that his/her car battery “live” as long as possible, especially considering the high price of the new one How can you prolong its service life? Given that most of the modern batteries, used in the cars, are maintenance-free or underserved, there is no point in telling you how to measure the density of electrolyte or add the distilled water to the car battery.

car battery service life

If you have the underserved car battery, the simplest way is to go to the service center every six months, where it will be served (it includes adding water, checking the density of electrolyte, measure the voltage and current.

If the car is equipped with the unserved battery, you’ll be able to able to provide the minimal maintenance yourself in your garage. In other cases, you should go to the Service Station, which offers the service of the car batteries.