Chevrolet auto parts

Chevrolet is one of the most popular models among American-made cars. Stylish, reliable car, it is extremely popular among the people of Europe. These machines are considered by many as the best option in terms of capacity and necessary consumer qualities.Chevrolet auto parts

“Chevrolet Motors Car” was created in 1911godu founder of «General Motors» William Durant. It was he who invited companions famous racer Louis Chevrolet, whose name the company was named. The discovery marked the creation of a lineup Chevrolet Classic Six in 1912. This four-door sedan with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of thirty horsepower.

Louis Chevrolet experienced its first car right on the small streets of Detroit. In 1918, Durant combined company with “General Motors”. “General Motors” Chevrolet main compartment of concern Since then. However, for today under the Chevrolet brand mass Korean cars are promoted. Real American Chevrolet is possible to buy in North America.