The new tester of tire pressure

The sale of universal device for testing the tire sensors of Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
DELPHI started to sell the device for the diagnostics of tire sensors in TPMS, allowing the forced activation of sensors.tester of tire pressure

The scanner works in three directions:

  • forced activation of valves and TPMS sensors
  • testing of feedback from the tire pressure sensors
  • testing of keys, key chains and IR radiation

The valves and sensors Schrader and Siemens can be activated at low modulated frequency of 125KHz. After pressing the control button, both protocols start working one by one. Due to the function of verification of the level of frequency 433 MНz/315 MHz /866 MHz, the scanner checks the integrity of signal, transmitted from the sensor, for distortions. Using this function, you can also check the level of HF and IR-signals from different keys and key chains.

When the dashboard indicator lights up, informing of the nissan qashqai headlights tire pressure problem, the information from the control unit is transmitted to the pressure sensor of every tire.
The insides of tester are protected with the special waterproof corpus. The standard battery lasts for 1000 diagnostics in total, with the test duration of 6-8 seconds.