Replace Back Lights – led light bulbs Nissan 350z

What’s up I won the scar I signed him show you guys how to install or replace the lights by a license plate as a very simple tutorial and it’s basically the same thing for all cars so let’s get started. Now in this city I’m gonna be replacing the normal lights with LED lights. And they’re a lot brighter I’m also had before and after shot. So if you don’t take that out to me on my channel and also you need down the description box below. But here’s the normal light.
led light Nissan
And I bought the led light bulbs on eBay for 3 Bucks for to them so they are really cheap. So let’s get into installing it now. The first that but what do I do is remove the light and there’s a clip that’s holding the light and so I do is take a flat had led light bulbs. And first I wanna such after the club and find if you figure that onceyou find it use a flat head to president and then you just pull out like so. It. Next up is to remove the filter so that all you wanna do is turn it. Anne is take out the plastic just like that. Please fill out to the side.

They wanted out like bobbins very simple ideas just pull out like so an arctic LED light Put in the same way it doesn’t matter which we put in both ways Norick. And then to see yourself sometimes some has always want to escalate make sure their works before you put it that way. Putting the Koran is very simple ID’s lined up with the group say here with the grooves on the light. Then once you get it lined up these costs and. A new twist city hill ASAP. Members can put it back in place where it was.

Putting the light back in is very simple espacio pardon the left side first. And then the clip. And you precedent to heal us that in the end you know you’re good. Whatever that’s toil guys have tons more videos come your way so make sure you hit that subscribe button I’m also ahead of irresponsible looks like before the red light bombs first the new led light bulbs ones so make sure you check that out in his car rockstar signing off piece.

What are the causes of failure of the trucks?

failure of the trucksSometimes the parts fail, and because of the factory marriage, but often breakdown of the trucks happen because of the owners of trucks fleet, because in order to save to maintenance isn’t conducted in time, with the same economy we use cheaper fuel, oil with incomprehensible impurities, bought not original spare parts. Moreover, in order to make more profit, the owners of trucks overloaded vehicles by goods, tucking it above the norm, what not only harms the car, but also can cause an accident on the road, because the overloaded vehicles may enter at any moment. It is therefore important, after each trip to inspect the car and to carry out technical inspections in time.

First, better to spend a full diagnosis, which will reveal all the problems, inaccuracies in the work, and will remove and repair the damage.

After the diagnosis to repair plan is developed and the approximate cost of eliminating failures is announced. After the car will be repaired, you should always send it to maintenance, and only then release the next trip.

How to prolong the service life of the car battery?

It is considered that the modern car battery can serve 4-5 years, almost without special care. But in fact, this term can be significantly reduced or prolonged, according to the conditions of car operation. Of course, every car owner wants that his/her car battery “live” as long as possible, especially considering the high price of the new one How can you prolong its service life? Given that most of the modern batteries, used in the cars, are maintenance-free or underserved, there is no point in telling you how to measure the density of electrolyte or add the distilled water to the car battery.

car battery service life

If you have the underserved car battery, the simplest way is to go to the service center every six months, where it will be served (it includes adding water, checking the density of electrolyte, measure the voltage and current.

If the car is equipped with the unserved battery, you’ll be able to able to provide the minimal maintenance yourself in your garage. In other cases, you should go to the Service Station, which offers the service of the car batteries.