2008-2010 Ford Escape – SUV Review

Price power cargo space in some high tech gadgetry come together in a very cool, way in this compact crossover SUV Ford Escape. Hi I’m Kim that that old and I’m making all your watching auto traders used car review, of the 2008 through 2000 1040 skate a well equipped 5 passenger little road warrior that goes toe to toe with its foreign and domestic rivals in 2000 84 gave the gave a major makeover left the 2007 mechanical underpinnings intact offering 3 trim levels XL last XLT and limited. By 2009 in all new 4 cylinder engine, in improved 3 liter V6, for under the hood with an all new 6 speed automatic transmission available, plus the steering suspension and brakes got an upgrade to. I personally appreciate of its headroom and really there’s plenty of space all around. I really like to sing system that came in 2009. Simply push a button on the steering wheel and give a voice command to control the audio or connected SO 4 and 3 player.

Ford EscapeWhen I go for a spin let’s do it. A small 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine powers the 2008 so it only gets 153 horsepower and escape with this engine may feel underpowered depending on how you. The more robust 100 71 horsepower 2.5 liter engine in the 2000 92 10 models is not only a better performer but it’s as efficient matching the 22 per gallon city 28 miles highway rating of the smaller engine with 4 wheel drive the gets 19 city 25 highway even sadder, that 3 leader P 62 9 and 2010 outlets 240 horsepower eating 40 more forces over the 2008 and a slightly better fuel economy 18 sitting 26 highway no matter what you choose the V6 is best if you plan to follow a lot of cargo or make full use of the 4 wheel drive. Also installed nice led Ford Escape headlights. What do you think of the stair well I like it it’s up quick but substantial in the ride is firm but maybe a little bit too firm for the rough pavement.

However the key to them on that tipping peeling that’s common in vehicles with a high center of gravity. Now safety wise the Ford Escape earns good marks. Leading the national highway traffic safety administration. Highest rating up 5 stars for driver and passengers in the front and side impact crash tests. 2000. There are lots of good reasons to put the 2008 to 2010 ported skate over its close rivals the Honda CRV theater rap for the price is high and that let’s see if it is possible to get a Ford Escape for a lot less than these compare both import. Also look into a certified pre owned escaped from a Ford dealer and get a 6 year 100000 mile powertrain warranty otherwise you’ll only get the remainder of its 3 year 36000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Or 5 year 60000 mile powertrain warranty. I’m Nick Newell and I’m Kim that that up and thanks for watching this used car review of the 2000 82 0 1040 skate right here on autotrader the ultimate automotive marketplace.