The new tester of tire pressure

The sale of universal device for testing the tire sensors of Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).
DELPHI started to sell the device for the diagnostics of tire sensors in TPMS, allowing the forced activation of sensors.tester of tire pressure

The scanner works in three directions:

  • forced activation of valves and TPMS sensors
  • testing of feedback from the tire pressure sensors
  • testing of keys, key chains and IR radiation

The valves and sensors Schrader and Siemens can be activated at low modulated frequency of 125KHz. After pressing the control button, both protocols start working one by one. Due to the function of verification of the level of frequency 433 MНz/315 MHz /866 MHz, the scanner checks the integrity of signal, transmitted from the sensor, for distortions. Using this function, you can also check the level of HF and IR-signals from different keys and key chains.

When the dashboard indicator lights up, informing of the nissan qashqai headlights tire pressure problem, the information from the control unit is transmitted to the pressure sensor of every tire.
The insides of tester are protected with the special waterproof corpus. The standard battery lasts for 1000 diagnostics in total, with the test duration of 6-8 seconds.

What are the causes of failure of the trucks?

failure of the trucksSometimes the parts fail, and because of the factory marriage, but often breakdown of the trucks happen because of the owners of trucks fleet, because in order to save to maintenance isn’t conducted in time, with the same economy we use cheaper fuel, oil with incomprehensible impurities, bought not original spare parts. Moreover, in order to make more profit, the owners of trucks overloaded vehicles by goods, tucking it above the norm, what not only harms the car, but also can cause an accident on the road, because the overloaded vehicles may enter at any moment. It is therefore important, after each trip to inspect the car and to carry out technical inspections in time.

First, better to spend a full diagnosis, which will reveal all the problems, inaccuracies in the work, and will remove and repair the damage.

After the diagnosis to repair plan is developed and the approximate cost of eliminating failures is announced. After the car will be repaired, you should always send it to maintenance, and only then release the next trip.

Chevrolet auto parts

Chevrolet is one of the most popular models among American-made cars. Stylish, reliable car, it is extremely popular among the people of Europe. These machines are considered by many as the best option in terms of capacity and necessary consumer qualities.Chevrolet auto parts

“Chevrolet Motors Car” was created in 1911godu founder of «General Motors» William Durant. It was he who invited companions famous racer Louis Chevrolet, whose name the company was named. The discovery marked the creation of a lineup Chevrolet Classic Six in 1912. This four-door sedan with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of thirty horsepower.

Louis Chevrolet experienced its first car right on the small streets of Detroit. In 1918, Durant combined company with “General Motors”. “General Motors” Chevrolet main compartment of concern Since then. However, for today under the Chevrolet brand mass Korean cars are promoted. Real American Chevrolet is possible to buy in North America.

How to prolong the service life of the car battery?

It is considered that the modern car battery can serve 4-5 years, almost without special care. But in fact, this term can be significantly reduced or prolonged, according to the conditions of car operation. Of course, every car owner wants that his/her car battery “live” as long as possible, especially considering the high price of the new one How can you prolong its service life? Given that most of the modern batteries, used in the cars, are maintenance-free or underserved, there is no point in telling you how to measure the density of electrolyte or add the distilled water to the car battery.

car battery service life

If you have the underserved car battery, the simplest way is to go to the service center every six months, where it will be served (it includes adding water, checking the density of electrolyte, measure the voltage and current.

If the car is equipped with the unserved battery, you’ll be able to able to provide the minimal maintenance yourself in your garage. In other cases, you should go to the Service Station, which offers the service of the car batteries.

Why do we need the wheels?

Why do we need the wheels?

Car wheels play an important role in the entire machine design. They provide the link of the car and the road surface, are responsible for traffic in general.


These components determine the dynamics of the entire vehicle. Due to lightweight materials from which wheels are produced, weight of the car is significantly reduced, what reduces the impact load on the body and increases the smoothness of movement.

The correct choice of drives affects on the fuel consumption. The less their weight is, the less fuel a car consumes.

If we talk about the merits of the heavier models, made of steel, then you can note their high strength. These discs not only soft the blows in a collision, but also serve as a kind of protection for the suspension.
Making of discs determines the overall look of the car, making it more elegant and giving power, as in the case of chrome and steel products. Lovers of sports cars will appreciate the light alloy wheels, that will add the car ease and emphasize agility. For luxury models it will suit expensive and high-quality forged aluminum wheels, which put emphasis on the status of the car and its owner.

Control the level of the oil in the engine

Control the level of the oil in the engine.

Oil system is aimed to reduce friction between rubbing parts of engine.
Besides this function oil system guarantee chilling of engine spares, remove products of fouling and wear-out, protect engine spares from corrosion.

Control the level of the oil

There are cases when level of oil in case is lower than normal. We can check it with the help of the prob not earlier than 5-7 minutes after engine stopped. Normal level is the level o the oil if the trace from it on prob if between marks min and max.

If checking showed that low level of oil, add oil into case to demanded level and before find and correct possible leak of connections in engine oil system. Outside visual inspections can make sure if we have oil leak.
Increased oil pressure isn’t better than reduced one: the problem may be in viscosity of used oil, you should check its viscosity and quality and if it is necessary, change the oil. Simple case – increased pressure of oil, when you use summer oil in winter during low temperature.